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Tyler and Company: Bringing You Top Executives and Leaders Since 1978

As you plan for 2019, consider keeping Tyler & Company in mind. With budget season upon us, many c-suite executives and board members may find room for new leaders in their organizations. We know the challenge and responsibility that comes with leading a hospital. Tyler & Company is happy to help you during this transition.

We are approaching the end of our 40th year anniversary and so much has changed during our company’s lifetime. What stayed true for forty years, is our promise to find the right candidates that match the culture, expectations and integrity of each client we work with.

Interim Management

During this holiday season or in 2019, your organization could be in an unexpected situation, and need an interim executive. Tyler & Company has a team full of experts in interim management. We assure you a seamless transition and matching your organization with an executive who will ensure operational consistency. Read our interim case study “What Health Systems And Hospitals Should Do When An Executive Vacancy Arises”.

Experts in Healthcare

Our leaders are experts in the healthcare industry and it shows. Recently three of our vice presidents shared their thoughts and advice on major healthcare topics.

Unconscious Bias

Our Senior Vice President, Dennis Kain shared his thoughts on ways to find and fix unconscious bias in the latest AESC publications.

Succession Planning

Vice Presidents, Marion Karr and Gary Seaberg discussed succession planning in the Texas Hospital Association Magazine November issue.

40 years of smart placements, strategic thinking, and it just keeps getting better!
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40 years of smart placements, strategic thinking, and it just keeps getting better!

As Tyler & Company approaches the end of its 40th year in the healthcare executive search industry, we are preparing for a new chapter. We continue to excel at helping our clients find top talent for both permanent and interim executive search. In our 41st year we will finally be joining our sister companies in a new location on a beautiful campus. This move will improve our infrastructure, innovation and business so we can better serve you.
Ask an Expert- Job Transition

As a company, we interact with our candidates during a phase of job transition. Candidates may be currently employed or looking for new opportunities. It can be an overwhelming process. Tyler & Company has seven tips for healthcare leaders during a job transition.

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The Top daily habits of a successful executive
Motivational speaker, Zig Ziglar asks this question, “Have you noticed that you accomplish about twice as much as normal on the day before you leave for vacation?”  Why is that?  These habits will help you be productive on a daily-basis as  you are capable of doing – and have done – on those days before you take time off. Read the full article here

Upcoming Events

Searches of Note

  • Chief Operating Officer; Extremity Healthcare Incorporated – Atlanta, Georgia
  • Chief Operating Officer; Medarva Healthcare – Richmond, Virginia
  • – Chief Financial Officer; Deaconess Associations, Inc.- Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Doctor of Nursing Program, Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing; Case Western Reserve University – Cleveland, Ohio
  • President; Georgia Urology- Atlanta, Georgia

Returning Clients

  • Cooper University Health Care – Chief Nursing Officer (Open)
  • Howard University College of Medicine; Washington D.C. – Pediatric Neurologist
  • Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) School of Nursing – Associate Dean for Research Scholarship and Innovation
  • St. Mary’s Hospital (SSM Health); Madison, Wisconsin- Administrative Director, Patient Safety & Quality

Giving Back

We’re excited to continue to move towards success professionally and in our community. One of our favorite programs offered by our parent company, Jackson Healthcare is Love Lifts, our community impact platform.

Through Love Lifts all Jackson Healthcare companies and associates are encouraged to make an impact in their community through associate volunteerism, business mobilization, purposeful partnerships and corporate giving.

You can learn about each of them a little