Career Best Practices, as told by the Tyler team part 7

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Career Best Practices, as told by the Tyler team part 7
We asked our team to share their best career advice. As this series comes to a close, we hear from our final associate, Rene Dodd, Consultant at Tyler & Company’s Atlanta office. Thanks for keeping up with “Career Best Practices, as told by the Tyler team.” Stay tuned for more series to come.
Q: “In all that you’ve learned and experienced throughout your career, what advice would you recommend to someone trying to achieve a successful and fulfilling career?”
A: “Keep a positive attitude and team mentality.”

Positivity: The power of a positive mental attitude is one of the most powerful forces in the human brain. The way you think is the driving force that affects what you do, how you do it and what you accomplish. When you think positively, you can make anything happen. In short, “if you believe it, you will achieve it.” Additionally, positive energy creates a contagious aura that is picked up by those around you, creating a synergistic environment – which will greatly affect the workplace.

Team Mentality: Align your personal goals with those of the company, and the company goals with yours. Keep the team’s best interest in mind when you set your objectives and take action to achieve them. Working as a team has a powerful effect on productivity. Collaborating with colleagues to combine thoughts and skills create the most effective work in the most efficient way.