For more than 25 years, J. Larry Tyler, FACHE, FHFMA, FAAHC, CMPE, Chairman of Tyler & Company, has been dedicated to the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s (UAB) mission of education by serving as adjunct professor within its Master of Science in Health Administration program. Tyler has provided meaningful career-starting lectures to graduate students who are recent undergrads, as well as career-development and governance insight for students who are experienced executives. 

Sincerely appreciating Tyler’s knowledge, dedication, service and support, UAB honored him in 2014 by creating the “J. Larry Tyler Award for Hermeneutics.” Graduate(s) who receive the award must show a mastery of interpretation and explanation – namely through his/her energy, communications prowess and podium skills. The inaugural award is planned to be given April 25, 2015, at UAB’s MSHA Students’ Farewell Dinner.   

The award’s name pays tribute to Hermes, the second youngest of the Greek gods. As the gods’ messenger, he moved freely between the mortal and divine worlds. The god of speech and eloquence, Hermes protected wit and literature, as well as orators and poets, among others. Commonly depicted as young and athletic or older and bearded, Hermes wore winged sandals and a winged cap, and carried a caduceus.  

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