It all started when J. Larry Tyler needed a little extra help and turned to a local health administration graduate program. That effort flourished into a  formal internship program that celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2012.

Although Tyler & Company’s first student intern left after a few months due to family illness, the first full-term intern, Chad Reece, started soon thereafter. Interns have been a routine presence in the firm’s Atlanta headquarters. Over the past two decades, we have mentored 12 full-term interns, most serving 18 months. 

Nancy Seibert, who has worked with Tyler & Company more than 20 years and now serves as Special Projects Coordinator, says, “In the only three years that we didn’t have an intern, either we couldn’t recruit someone at the right time, or we didn’t find quite the right fit. But there were also three times we had two interns on site simultaneously. I feel so fortunate that I could help Larry Tyler launch this effort — one of several that has been integral to the success of Tyler & Company.” 

Interns work directly under Tyler, researching, doing special projects and helping others. One task is preparing Tyler for the American College of Healthcare Executives’ (ACHE) Congress on Healthcare Leadership. In return, each receives a paid trip to Congress. 

The program is a win-win for the firm and students. Knowledgeable in healthcare, interns hit the ground running. Tyler & Company offers flexible work hours, accommodating class schedules. Interns learn firsthand about many types of healthcare organizations and positions. When it’s time for their required MBA/MHA internship, we frequently introduce interns to key healthcare contacts and provide references.

Tyler & Company’s interns can be found throughout the country; many are healthcare leaders. One, Hallie Banker, stayed with the firm. In 2012, this Senior Research Associate was recognized by the international Association of Executive Search Consultants with an award for Excellence and Professionalism in Research. (See Tyler’s Tidbits, Winter 2012.)

Tyler & Company’s Intern Program stems from Tyler’s personal passion of giving back to the healthcare field. It was a natural complement to the yearly addresses he gave for health administration graduate programs at Georgia State University, The University of Alabama, and University of Colorado. He continues to speak to students in those programs and others today, and his pro bono contributions to the furthering of health administration education were recognized in 2010 by ACHE (“J. Larry Tyler Receives ACHE’s President’s Award”) 

Says Tyler, “I enjoy working with our interns. I like the teaching aspects, and then running into them later at some healthcare event. It’s great to see how far those who have worked with us have come.”

Reach J. Larry Tyler, FACHE, FHFMA, FAAHC, CMPE, Chairman and CEO, at +1 770 396 3939 or 

For a list of Tyler & Company’s interns, please read “Tyler & Company's interns: Where they are now.”