Do you remember when “cyberspace,” “Internet” and “World Wide Web,” didn’t exist in our vocabulary? In 2010, nearly 80 percent of the U.S. population was classified as an “Internet user.”1  We can shop, bank, research, blog, hunt for employment, “LinkIn,” “Tweet,” post on Facebook and even look for a potential spousesonline. Just when you think you have all you need, someone has invented another useful application.  

On that useful application note, Tyler & Company’s new Web site is designed with you in mind. Whether you’re a current or prospective client or candidate – your time is valuable. We’ve enhanced our navigation by way of a main menu and submenus; better categorized open positionsarticles, news and blogs;grouped resources; and provided more information about our offerings andservice lines.  

But that’s not all! Following are highlights of our new Web site:

  1. Info now featured about all services.
    Tyler & Company has specialized in healthcare executive recruitment for more than 30 years. So it’s no wonder we’ve enjoyed a healthy reputation in healthcare executive search – specifically, for the quality and timeliness of our search process. Our relationship in 2008 with Signium Internationalextended our recruitment service lines into general industry and life science.

    Tyler & Company is pleased to announce that our knowledge and experience in executive recruitment; partnerships with academicians and field experts; and published reports by key industry associations have led to the organization of the following programs:

    1. CEO succession planning
      We believe that succession planning is a shared responsibility, driven by the board, executed by the CEO, and monitored by HR. Led by Chairman and CEO, J. Larry Tyler, our succession planning services are organized as a comprehensive process that: 
      • Specifies key competencies and skills that a successor will need.
      • Communicates the process by which a CEO successor will be “groomed.”
      • Identifies leaders within the organization who will be considered for the CEO position, and specifies the need for recruiting external candidates.
      • Addresses how the transition will occur, and how it will be communicated to key stakeholders.

    2. Board governance
      For many years, Tyler & Company has had a limited Board Governance practice conducted by Tyler. Our Chairman and CEO has been active in governance circles since the publication of Practical Governance in December 2000, a book he co-authored with Errol L. Biggs, PhD. Since that publication, Tyler has spoken and presented, written articles and consulted with many boards on governance issues.

      Tyler and Biggs facilitate the CEO Governance Round Table at the American College of Healthcare Executives’ (ACHE) Congress on Healthcare Leadership, and Tyler lectures on governance, which is addressed in the ACHE fellowship exam. 

      If you would like a speaker or consult regarding governance issues, please call Tyler at +1 770 396 3939.
      • Possible topics include:
      • Board self evaluations
      • CEO performance appraisal processes
      • CEO compensation
      • Conflicts of interest
      • Building a better board

    3. Executive assessments and coaching
      Having firsthand understanding of what leads to executive success or derailment, Tyler & Company helps executives realize their leadership potential via Transcendre. 

      This post-placement assessment program focuses on the first 60 days of the leader assuming his/her new role. Using a 360-degree e-tool, input is sought from peers, subordinates and supervisor(s). Executive coaching services also are available through ourTranscendre Advisor and Executive Coach, Fred J. Laquinta.

  2. Search openings” feature enhanced.
    Among our most frequently visited pages are those of our open executive healthcare positions. Easily search opportunities now by function/category, region and research associate/ recruiter. You also can search by keyword (e.g. a state or organization name). 

    RSS feedFeed me!
    You now can be alerted of new or updated  opportunities and/or  news, articles and blogs by subscribing to each blog’s RSS feed. Learn how they save you time via links at the top of each blog’s landing page.

  3. News, articles and blogs better organized. 
    Although news releases are featured in reverse chronological order in the News tab, they also are part of the News, Articles, Blogs section in Resources. Conveniently click on a topic of interest or an author, or search by keyword, to get sought-after information. 

  4. Resources stored in a one-stop spot.
    Like our former Web site, resources helpful to clients and candidates are available under their respective tabs. However, our new Web site takes the extra step of featuring all resources in one convenient area, as well as housing many in News, Articles, Blogs. Additionally, links to our most popular items (e.g. RFP Questions and Tyler’s Tidbits) can be found throughout.

  5. More team members revealed. 
    Tyler & Company proudly uses a team approach to complete search assignments in a timely and effective manner. Our new Web site makes it easy to read about more members of your executive recruiting team. Links to the Team page can be found throughout the site. 

  6. The social butterfly metamorphosis.
    Joseph L. Badaracco, Jr., John Shad Professor of Business Ethics at Harvard Business School, said, “In today’s environment, hoarding knowledge ultimately erodes your power. If you know something very important, the way to get power is by actually sharing it.” We agree!
    That’s why almost every page in our new Web site can be shared via e-mail and/or posted to your LinkedIn or Facebook wall, to name a few. Just look for the share menu at the bottom of your page of interest or at the end of a post (i.e. open positions or news, articles or blogs). 
  7. Client Portal reactivated. 
    As a value-add to our existing clients, we’ve reactivated the Client Portal. New usernames and passcodes have been issued so that clients may access position and candidate descriptions, organization charts, offer letters, employment contracts, compensation packages, bonus programs and relocation policies. 

Tyler & Company appreciates our Web site visitors. We hope these updates enhance your experience and keep Tyler & Company as a resource you can count on and turn to.

Have questions, comments or ideas about our Web site? Please contact Christine Leon, Director of Communications, at +1 918 949 3609

1 Internet World Stats Usage and Population Statistics (n.d.). In United States of America Internet Usage and Broadband Usage Report. Usage source: International Telecommunication Union. Retrieved June 17, 2012,