The value of onboarding

Helping to ensure the star you hire shines brightly in your organization

Transitioning to a new organization is tough. “The actions you take in the first three months in a new job will largely determine whether you succeed or fail.” (Michael Watkins in The First 90 Days, 2003.)

Tyler & Company’s primary responsibility as a retained executive search consulting firm is to recruit candidates. Ensuring the success of these newly recruited employees, however, is equally important. Recognizing that fact, Tyler & Company has long been noted for its faithful contact with clients and candidates long after placement — working to assure a smooth assimilation. Realizing a formal process would be helpful, we introduced our onboarding process, Transcendre (old French, to ascend), more than 10 years ago. Due to its success, we wanted to highlight those components that makeTranscendre highly valued among our clients.

The origins of the current Transcendre program date back to 2002. At the request of the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE), Tyler & Company’s Chairman and CEO J. Larry Tyler joined forces with Andrew N. Garman, PsyD, MS, Associate Professor of Health Systems Management at Rush University in Chicago, to conduct a study to determine the behavioral competencies of entry-level, middle-management and senior-level healthcare executives. The survey results showed 26 competencies that were arranged into seven skill clusters:

  • Developing Work Relationships
  • Charting the Course
  • Using Broad Influence
  • Communicating
  • Structuring the Work Environment
  • Self-management
  • Inspiring Commitment

These skills are important to effective leadership at every level of an organization. This work, coupled with the knowledge that effective development of leadership skills is greatly facilitated by the availability of high-quality performance feedback from supervisors, peers and subordinates, formed the foundation of the Transcendre process. 

Transcendre is an industry-leading onboarding program unique to healthcare executives. It is a 360-degree, multi-source assessment describing how a new executive is fitting into an organization.

Typical performance assessments offer employees top-down feedback from their supervisors. Transcendre:  

  • Enables executives to see how others view their leadership and management effectiveness; 
  • Provides executives with constructive, non-threatening feedback (since all feedback is confidential);
  • Enhances success through individual, team and organizational behavior changes;
  • Aligns individual goals with the organization’s vision;
  • Highlights potential problems that interfere with day-to-day management and process improvement; and
  • Promotes communications between executives and teams.

Tyler & Company’s Transcendre is also unique in its leadership. Fred J. Laquintafacilitates this service for the firm. Laquinta launched this program for Tyler & Company immediately after retiring as Vice President of Human Resources of AtlantiCare in New Jersey. When he is not facilitating Transcendre, he offers consulting services through his own company, so he brings an ever-expanding set of experiences to his work with Tyler & Company’s clients. Laquinta used the then-developing Transcendre process when he was at AtlantiCare; seeing its power led him to team with Tyler & Company. Says Laquinta, “Rarely, if ever, does a person achieve a leadership position and not have the technical skills to succeed. Rather, something deeper contributes to any failure to assimilate. Consider Peter Drucker’s axiom, “Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.” What separates the outstanding leader from the good leader are those unique attributes referred to as ‘behavioral competencies. 

They are the differentiators. The 26 competencies embodied in the seven skill clusters of Transcendre are the road map that will help a good leader become an outstanding one.”

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