by Tyler & Company

May 18, 2007
ATLANTA -- J. Larry Tyler, president of Tyler & Company, advised about successful executive hiring practices during a well-received address last week at the American Hospital Association Annual Meeting (part of the American College of Healthcare Executives). Both candid and humorous, Tyler exhibited his classic ‘straight-talk’ approach. Tyler entertained his audience relating how he employs different interview styles with candidates. He discussed how certain questions reveal much about a candidate. For instance, a situational interview question such as, “What would happen if a patient gave you a hard time?” or left-field questions like, “How do you put an elephant into a refrigerator?” can illicit a myriad of reactions, providing important clues about personality.

Tyler also captured the audience of hospital administrators with his admonition concerning counteroffers. Offering specific pre-emptive tactics, Tyler advised asking candidates about what they may do if they receive a counter or if their current employer knew they were considering other opportunities. The answers to these questions better prepare hiring mangers for the realities inherent with counteroffers. 
It is imperative to consider job offers from the candidate's perspective. Candidates are motivated by money, opportunity and location, Tyler reminded in his address. Also, central in his address was the idea that references mean everything. He urges hiring managers to choose references from the following categories: superiors, peers, subordinates and other professional contacts as they are invaluable in painting an accurate picture of any candidate. After 30 years engaged in healthcare search, Tyler remains a trusted expert.


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