By: Brett Esrock, Senior Vice President and COO, Providence Healthcare Network, Waco, TX

Below is a case study, or expanded “Search Superlative” if you will — kind words about Tyler & Company from the perspective of a client or candidate.  

From the candidate’s perspective, the worst part is not knowing. Being a candidate in an executive search process is like the great unknown; once the cycle starts, you typically feel like you fell into a great black hole.

The key to overcoming this is communication. I’ve worked with several retained executive search firms, and not one provides better communication in my experience than Tyler & Company. They keep candidates in the know!

I first connected with Tyler & Company in March 2009. Hallie Banker, a research associate, contacted me to simply ask if I had any referrals for a search for which she was actively recruiting. Luckily, I followed up with Hallie as it led to a series of wonderful interactions with multiple Tyler & Company consultants and research associates over the next few years.

Ultimately, I was presented as a candidate in four different Tyler & Company searches. I was never placed through Tyler & Company, but that is beside the point (or maybe that makes my point stronger!). Through my experiences, I found Tyler & Company to be a phenomenal firm staffed by exceptional folks.

Why? The hallmark of the firm is communication, and Tyler & Company excels in this arena ... the very one in which candidates so often find other search firms lacking. In every search process I participated in with Tyler & Company, every person in the process kept me informed, every step of the way. It was remarkable!

Before my most recent interview, for example, Nelson Mann, Senior Vice President, spent more than an hour telling me about the people I would meet during my interview. I could not have been better prepared! 

This level of communication means everyone is on the same page. There are no hidden agendas. And, it allowed Tyler & Company to get to know me professionally as well as personally. Only in this way could they really evaluate whether I would be a good fit for a given search.

I am sure clients receive the same level of communication that candidates receive from Tyler & Company. And, clients get the benefit of all this candidate vetting! In the end, only one candidate gets the job. But, in a Tyler & Company search, even candidates who aren’t chosen feel good about the process. They know why the client made the choice they did because they were in the “loop” throughout the process; and they know a position that will fit them better lies ahead. In fact, through their discussions with Tyler & Company representatives, candidates leave such a process with a much better idea what this future opportunity may look like.

Since the retained executive search firm serves as an extension of the client, they reflect the client. In my experience, no one could reflect a client better than Tyler & Company.