Leaders in healthcare today are often unsung heroes, navigating a maze of unique challenges and seeking new ways to revolutionize care that affects the lives of thousands in the communities they serve. The responsibility to recruit outstanding, mission-driven talent for our clients is one Tyler & Company takes very seriously.

We believe our commitment to four principles is the driving force behind our clients’ perennial satisfaction and our high rate of repeat business. In fact, our Continuous Quality Improvement surveys reveal that 97 percent of our clients and candidates would highly recommend us to business associates and choose to work with us for future searches.

We prioritize your needs. This is the bedrock of Tyler & Company’s business ethic. Our process centers on first ensuring we clearly understand what your needs are, then elevating them so that they remain the focus of every search.

We offer a transparent process. Clients deserve to know where their search is at any point during the process. Tyler & Company has built its reputation on transparency and accountability and commits to open, honest communication.

We meet deadlines. Tyler & Company understands the importance of timeliness and staying on schedule. We have a strong track record of finding the right fit even on tight deadlines.

We follow through. Simply put, we do what we say we’ll do. Our clients have come to know that Tyler & Company can be trusted to follow through with the commitments we make. 


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